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Do you own or have recently bought an SLR or Digital SLR?

Worried about taking it off automatic for those precious moments?

Do you let the camera make most of the creative decisions for you?

Ever wondered how a photograph was done and want to replicate it?

Then take control. Give me a call or an email if you want:

  • More creative control in your photography.

  • Blur free quality photographs of your kids, pets, hobbies or products.

  • Images that will give you (just quietly) bragging rights.

  • To know how your camera works and use it to its value and beyond.

Current Courses:

Manual Controls Course (5 nights)

Cost: $360

Is the 5-night replacement to the 6 hour (1 day) “Starters” Course, however from time to time the “Starters” Course will be run on demand or on a workshop basis. In this extended course we will learn more about how our camera functions, gaining more practical experience around manipulating your camera’s controls, including ISO, Shutter Speeds, and Apertures. We will also explore White balancing, camera care and maintenance, stable shooting positions and a few more skills.

Digital Editing for Photographers (5 nights basic photoshop course)

Cost: $360

Aimed at photographers wanting to learn how to resize images, crop to maximise impact, colour balance and work other digital “magic” based around photographers needs. Prior to course you will need to let me know which editing software you are using.

Creative Photography Workshops (7 nights)

Cost: $550

This course is designed for people wanting to explore the process of image-making in more detail, from concept level, ideas development and planning, to image capture and digital editing.


Advanced Photography Skills (5 nights)

Cost: $450

The follow-on course to the Manual Controls Course, we will look more in depth at topics including DOF and “special effects”, longer exposures and panning.

Advanced Digital Editing (5 nights): (Photoshop based)

Cost: $450

The follow-on course to the Digital Editing for Photographers, builds upon those skills and adds more in-depth skills into the amazing world of Photoshop.

Wildlife Photography Course (4 nights and a day trip)

Cost: $500

Conducted in part at Wirrimbirra Wildlife Sanctuary (near Bargo).  During this course we will look at many skills, including assessing animal behaviour, hold a pet photography night and condition our own behaviour to take more and hopefully better Wildlife shots.


Important Notes:

Two months after the completion of each course, every student has the opportunity to do a  further hour’s follow-up (one on one) during which time we will discuss your image-capturing skills or digital projects and where I may be able to answer any questions that you may have.

All Courses have 6 participants maximum.


Other Workshops to Consider:

Workshop Title



SLR Manual Starters (know your camera) Workshop

6 hours


Adobe Bridge to Photoshop Workshops

4 hours


Landscape Images Workshop (various locations)

6 hours


Lighting and Studio Workshops

3 hours


Brush ups Workshops (focusing on particular skills)

2 hours


Point and Shoot Workshops

4 hours


Workshops will be conducted on weekends or on demand. If you would like a one on one course or have a small group (up to 6) that would like to organise instruction on a topic or range of topics, please email me for information.

A 20% nonrefundable deposit is required for courses. It is understood that life does get in the way sometimes, so deposits are fully date transferrable (depending on availability), even at last minute.

Note: Courses can be run at Wirrimbirra Wildlife Sanctuary or Highlands School, or Queanbeyan High School. In aid of these places, 10% of proceeds go to the venue for courses held there on the day.




Join Mike, an International Award winning photographer and learn to have more creative control of your photography. Learn to apply those skills to any setting, and understand how an image can be created and edited. All you need to bring, is your camera and your imagination. And a ruler may help if you don't believe me....



"Mike makes photography basics fun and accessible. I left the course feeling enthusiastic, curious and with a good understanding of my camera and what style of photos I enjoy taking". NINA


"I was fortunate to receive tuition from Mike in the technical aspects of photography. After that I was able to pick up the pace & make significant progress.

Mike has the attribute of being able to explain concepts in an easy way... so anybody can understand him.

He is passionate about photography so when he is explaining something he covers the subject from the basic points to the more technical details.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Mike to anybody that wants to learn and improve in this exciting field."

Gus Izurieta

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