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Do you enjoy learning the story behind what created an image?

Having travelled broadly, Mike has a large collection of wildlife images from around the world, some that may leave you wondering "how on earth?" "Where is the fear?" Some may have you ask "are they that like us?" Either way, many have a story behind the way or the why they were captured.

Do you feel an affinity with Australian wildlife? Or are you more interested in wildlife from around the globe?

Mike has an extensive library of images that include both Australian wildlife and wildlife from around the world. In most cases, these images are of true wildlife, and not of animals in zoo displays.

Contact Mike if you would like to purchase images, or, if a corporate body, you may like to discuss lease terms on images. Mike is happy to discuss merging corporate identities and or mentalities (for example - quotations) with images to suit your needs.




Further to just simply buying an image, know that your purchase will help fund charities known for their fantastic endeavours in working with animals and animal rights. Australia wildlife images sold will attract a 10% donation to WIRES. 10% of proceeds from other wildlife images sold will be donated to the RSPCA Australia.